Monday, May 29, 2006

I'll Fly Away - once again

Friends, once again I am counting down - 5 days to go! For those who don't know, I have a fantastic group of six people accompanying me this this year. My daughter, Donita, and her husband, Paul, are going. Paul went last year, also.

Others going include:
Julia and Robert Acord, who have a video business and are the ones who made our DVDs to share from last year's trip.
Mary Lou Fraga - She and Paul both work at Dell. Her daughter, Celeste, is a professional photographer.

We are so excited about the trip. Then, I have to think about the excitement of the 3,000 children and the staff at Namatala School who must be equally excited as they wait for their new library, computers, and sports equipment! We are so fortunate to have such a strong base of support, including many of you, who have been willing to donate and help collect books and computers, work countless hours in preparation, plus help raise the funding necessary for book preparation, shipping, and building materials. Thank you so much!

One of the many enjoyable parts of our trip includes time spent with the kids, when we are able to take time off from work. Our group has been practicing puppet plays to do for the kids and will be taking Veggie Tale videos to show. I will also be taking my accordion so there will be lots of singing, which will be fun! Our pastor friend, Wilberforce Okumu, is setting up a time on Saturday and Sunday afternoon for us to share with the children from the school, as well as his church. Our biggest problem is that those practicing with the puppets get carried away and before you know it the lion is biting the elephant, people are making up new script lines, and then everyone is laughing so hard the practice comes to a halt! Hopefully, they will be able to get through puppet plays while in Uganda!

We will leave the 3rd and the group will return to Texas the 16th. Our first four days will be sightseeing at Lake Mburo (which is home to most animals except lions and elephants) and the Sesse Islands, where we will be fishing in Lake Victoria and visiting a 'chimpanzee' island. Then we will be off to Mbale for long days of working to build bookshelves and put a library together! While books are being sorted and shelves are being built, I will be meeting with students in the classrooms to give instructions on the use of a library.

After the group returns, I will be staying with Ugandan friends, which I love! It gives me a chance to spend time in the downtown markets, ride the crowded public transport vans, etc. In other words - live Ugandan style! Then I will be joining three others, including Wilberforce, who will be preaching a week's conference in Rwanda! Having never been to Rwanda, I am rather excited about the prospect! After that it will be back to Uganda, repack, and head for Kenya. We will be staying in Nairobi for a few days, and then spend time with a Masai Tribe.

Please keep all of us in your prayers for the next five weeks! I will send emails whenever possible, as I manage to find Internet cafes. Once again, for those new to the list who are wondering, this email list includes: old friends from my hometown; those I taught with previously, librarian friends; friends and family of those going on the trip; many people who have supported and worked with us; many from my school, church friends, etc.

Take care and thanks for listening to my ramblings over the years:):)


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