Saturday, June 02, 2007

We'll Fly Away - Oh, Glory!

It is finally happening and we will be leaving for Africa tomorrow. Unfortunately, one of our volunteers will not be able to travel with us at this time, so the group is now nineteen. It is impossible to share with you our excitement as the time nears.

Today we had a letter from Sarah, the administrator of one of our schools, Bat Valley. They have made many wonderful plans for us while we are there - beginning with a big welcome luncheon on Monday, our first day. Our mission statement reads: our goal is to 'partner' with Africans as we create libraries. Our Ugandan friends take that committment quite seriously. Their dedication and help always amazes us.

Sarah said they have the 'timber' cut into planks, stained, and ready for us to cut into bookshelves. She also said she is traveling today to Livingstone's home (Ret. Archbishop Livingstone Nkyoyo) to see if he will be the guest speaker for our opening (one of four:) - or handing over - ceremony, as they refer to it. I will be thrilled if that happens. For those that don't know, Livingstone was a guest in my home last May. He visited my school and spoke to all the children. He is highly respected in Uganda, as the Anglican church is the National Church of Uganda. He was the speaker at the opening of our library last year in Mbale. He is truly an impressive man.

Thank you for 'listening' and keeping us in your prayers. I'll check in as often as possible.