Friday, June 26, 2009

Another bonus post from Melissa

Today, we went to visit Bat Valley School. It was great to be back there. Our time was short, but there were several teachers that it was great to see. They did a little mini-assembly for us and I led them in a few songs. Also, a group from Watoto was there too (I'm not sure why) but they were fun to watch. Then we went to visit King's College, which was one of the top high schools in the country. The headmaster was at Mengo Secondary where we put a library in '07. It is a great facility, mostly for the elite, but they still do not have many books. They just opened a new building two weeks ago. It's five stories high and the top two floors are set up for middle school and high school libraries, so they were trying to convince Trudy to set up libraries there next year. It's run by the Anglicans and a very neat place. After that we went to Namirembe (the first library) for a very native lunch and then we visited classrooms and then played net ball and basketball. You would have been proud of my net ball skills... I was the center, which means I had to run up and down the court the whole game!!! We lost, but it was fun. My jean capris are sooo dirty, they look brown now.

Mitch (Wilbur's 15 year old daughter) got to come see us for a little bit today with a man from her school. They were picking up some maps and globes that we are donating to them. Then Trudy convinced her teacher to let her spend the weekend with us. She goes to a strict boarding school, where they are not normally allowed out except for once per term. She is so excited and our teenage girls are excited about spending time with her and sharing their clothes. It's funny how teenagers act the same around the world!

Tomorrow we'll go visit the Watoto village and then go shopping, so it should be a pretty easy day. Then tomorrow night we'll have dinner at Herb and Ellen's house (Trudy's missionary friends that we stayed with 2 years ago). It will be a great night.

Our mini-safari was fun. We saw a ton of zebras and monkeys and lots of other animals too. During our boat ride across the river, our boat stalled for about 15 minutes and then started taking on water. Our group was in two separate boats, and we were grateful those on ours were not afraid of water. I sat and watched a big group of monkeys playing near my hut that night. It was really fun, and I was wishing you all were there to see it too. During our game drives we got to get out and walk around, because they only have a few lions and they don't come out around people. It was fun to get to see the tracks and things close up and for our guide to show us how they track them. Where we stayed was pretty rustic....that's a good word to descirbe it. The other ladies were too scared to take a shower, but I decided I really needed one, so I would give it a shot. It was a little hut/building in the middle of the camp. The hot water was heated with a fire. It was the best shower I've ever had in Uganda. No one believes me, but it was. It was the perfect temp. and great water pressure!!

As I sit here right now typing I can look at over the city of Kampala. I hear the Muslim Call to Prayer and my heart breaks for the people of this city. So many lost and hurting people.

Pray for us as our time here winds down. Pray for more opportunities to minister and for safety in our travels home.

Thanks again! I'm off to eat a BBQ buffet.. it should be interesting, not sure what it entails, but I'm pretty sure there's BBQ sauce involved.



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