Friends and Family,

I'm sorry to be so late sending this final email about the trip. I do have a few funny things to share and many wonderful happenings, as well. I will try to keep it short.

*Two young kids shared about books they had read from the library and the lesson learned:
Cinderella - "I learned that because she was late - she was chosen.' (I had to laugh at this because Ugandans don't keep time. They usually are late.)

The Three Little Pigs - The lesson I learned was that mothers should not send their childen out when they are young!

*Two precious notes I was given by students at Namungoona Primary School:
1st Note: Thank you libraries of love for giving us books. Those books have helped us to read and to understand how to write...and we can read to our mothers and feel good in our hearts. May God bless you.

2nd Note: Thank you for showing us your love. You showed us that you wanted us to learn how to read and write. Now we know how. You showed the whole school love. Your presence is always felt at school. Where would we have got that library if it wasn't for you? Our books are safe, we read them and enjoy. Every time when I start reading a book, I thank God for bringing you from the USA to our school so that you could give us these books - and I also pray to God so that he can give you everything you want so that you can give us more books.

A note about Derrick, the young man from the bus ride:
I worried that Derrick would lose the paper with Wilber's phone number before he returned to Mbale. However, he called Wilber from Kampala the week after we prayed on the bus; he was very excited about returning to Mbale and meeting Wilber! Cheers!

Another funny/blessing: The pastor at Bethany Methodist evidently told the story of my bribing a policeman with a Bible. A man that works for my school district came to my school and presented me with a new Bible to replace the one I 'donated.' :) I didn't know he attended Bethany, so I had to laugh. I told him (Glen Legge) that I'm hoping to have 180 new Bibles donated for next year, so that we can place 10 new ones in each of our 18 libraries for the teachers to check-out. Today, I had an email from a lady that heard me speak at Lakeway Church who wants to purchase 10 Bibles; with Glenn's, I am now down to 169! It will happen!

The Libraries of Love Board met last week and had to listen to me go on and on and on ... about how great the libraries are doing. We have become so much 'smarter' over the past few years by doing the following: new librarians now serve a 'practicum' at one of our established libraries before their library is even created; we have a 'head librarian' in Mbale and Kampala which other libraries can go to for advice and support (though the one in Kampala is the actual lead librarian for both cities); and, we set in place librarian meetings at the end of each three month term. These changes have made a huge difference. The libraries are truly awesome, with approximately 21,500 students reading books!

Both teams this year were amazing. They were busy creating libraries, but always found time for the kids and our Ugandan friends. These teams were the first to make home visits. Even better - these visits were to homes in which our volunteers had raised support to pay for the childrens' school lunches/fees. The thanks they received was overwhelming.

After the libraries were finished, volunteers sang songs and shared the love of Christ with approximately 15,000 students. A fantastic summer ... !

Many things are on the LOL agenda. We are already working on our next five libraries. In fact, we have had so many donations, we have set up computers in my home (in the den/garage room) so that groups or individuals can prepare the books here in the evenings and on weekends. Other groups, like Dell, will still work at my school during the week (Thanks, Jan.)

For now, I am proposing Thursday evenings as a work time in my home. If you are free and can spend an hour or two working, please send me an email and I will be thrilled to have your company. It is mostly typing and sorting - not difficult, just time consuming.

Our annual BBQ will be held Nov. 13th at Immanuel Lutheran Church in Pflugerville, so please put that on your calendar.

We will soon be posting new pictures of the trip on the website. Also, we are hoping to send an electonic newletter, perhaps once a month, to keep everyone updated on the latest happenings.
Thank you for your prayers and support.