Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The lime green chicken bus

June 25, 2010 ...

Friends, I made it to Lira just fine. The bus wasn't too bad. I sat by a larger man who took up 1 1/2 seats - so I was squeezed, but he was nice. By the end of the trip, I thought I would need to propose marriage - as it seemed we were
practically intimate while traveling.

I visited a school in Lira. The headmaster and family made me welcome. However, he didn't understand my English at all, so decided to leave today instead.

I took the first available bus back to Kampala. The bus was large, and lime green, with a black top. The ride is interesting along the roads, as there are so many thatched roof huts with people outside relaxing. Actually, there is something to be said for the way they sit outside and visit the whole neighborhood. :) Many of the schools didn't have windows and doors. The smell of charcoal was/is ever present because it's what everyone uses for cooking.

Anyway - back to the bus. The bus was totally crowded with people standing down the middle, plus four people standing down on the stairs by the door. However, we stopped constantly along the road and our conductor threw open the door and invited more people. I must say though; we almost had as many chickens and roosters as people. They were all over in the bus and down under the bus in the hold, as well. I thought roosters only crowed in the morning - but, no - they "cock-a-doodle-doo" on crowded buses. Someone's chicken was in the aisle and must have been stepped on because it went crazy screaming.

We stopped at every little town and hordes of people rushed the bus to sell things through the windows - meat on sticks, roasted corn, nuts, chicken, water, soda, fruit - and chickens and roosters! The lady by me said they were asking too much for a chicken - $7.50, otherwise I'm sure I would have bought one. There was a young girl with a baby across from me. Her parents had been killed by rebels in the war. The baby was by a teacher and she was going to find him in a different town. I'm sure she was not over 13. She was really beautiful. Sad!

A bus the day before had been robbed and some people headed to Lira were killed, so I was happy my bus made it safely to Kampala. Billy (Wilber and Sarah's nephew) met me at the bus park and we had a chicken burger and fries at a shopping center which was near. (The original Shop-Rite, for those who have been here)

I need to go meet Jane, as school is over. Wednesday evening we had our evening African milk tea - with grasshoppers.

I know you hate you are missing all of this - and I am loving that I got to ride on that crazy bus and eat grasshoppers. It doesn't get much better. :)

Best wishes!

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