Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Libraries - really that is what I do :)

I must admit - I am already panicked that I will run out of time to work in the libraries. A couple examples of my average days:

In Mbale, we have two new librarians who had never been in a library. Prisca had mixed all the books together - fiction, easy, and nonfiction. I had to redo the whole library. The next day at North Roads: Fred, also new - without training, had decided it was too much trouble to have students select every time (3,200 students), so he put books in a jumble on the floor. They could select from those and when the next class came - their books were added to the pile ... a sort of 'recyle' library. My large team helped with this, but Fred had put many returned books back on the shelves - totally not in any order. Many books were still missing, so I reshelved every book, leaving various shelves for display. I now need to relabel shelves in three of our schools in Mbale. Usually I arrive at a library thinking - okay, just a 1/2 day here. The next thing I know, it is 6:00 and I have to force myself to quit and go home.

It is hard to imagine librarians - and teachers - who have never been in a library, but it is a fact here. Every library needs various things done, and redone. The fantastic part is that the students ARE reading! I have to remind myself of that when I look at the quirky things that happen to the 'proper' library organization.

As I have mentioned, I am VERY excited about the upcoming librarian and headmasters meetings! Our head librarian, Damallie, and I met and worked out the schedule for the librarians, which will be on August 22nd. I will go to Mukono a couple days early to purchase food and set up the rooms, with help from Bridget, our librarian at the host school.

On Monday, our lead primary headmistress and secondary headmaster will be meeting to give me input on their meeting, which will be the August 25th here in Mbale. There is so much I want to cover with these principals. My brain is a jumble. I want the meeting(s) to be informative - yet enjoyable, so they will look forward to meeting the next year, as well. It is important to the Libraries of Love Board that our schools are cohesive and work together, as we promote literacy through the libraries.

I will send pics of the meetings when they happen. Can't wait. Wish you were here!
My best wishes to you from Mbale town!!


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