Monday, January 28, 2013

Off to Africa

Dear Friends,
I will be leaving Wednesday, the 30th, to my other home across the ocean. I wanted to share with you about the upcoming trip.

In Uganda, I will be working in our 24 libraries. The team will come June 15th. We will complete two libraries started last year and create four new ones. I am looking forward to my two-day meeting with headmasters, and later two days with all of our librarians.

Before going to Uganda, I will go to Kenya. This is not a Libraries of Love trip … simply a ‘Trudy’ side mission. Last year, as I wrote in a newsletter, after leaving Uganda, I went to see a Masai pastor friend, Peter, in the remotest part of Kenya. We visited places where school and churches meet under trees. After returning, I shared the situation with the pastor of Pflugerville Community Church. Their church is now donating funding to build three buildings in Masailand. Two will be schools – also used for churches. The third was Peter’s request, as he needs a building  to use as a seminary to train the approx. 60 pastors under his care.  **May God bless PCC and their pastor, Steve Clem, for this incredible donation.

Peter had shared that the pastors needed Bibles, so I posted the need to Facebook. With the help of friends and New Life Baptist Church in Pflugerville, I will be able to purchase around 100 Bibles in Nairobi, which will be in the Masai language. There will be some happy pastors! Peter has a pastors’ conference in April. Wilber, my Ugandan pastor, is going to preach at the conference, so I will go to Uganda the first of March – and return with Wilber for the five day conference.

There you have it – by the time I return in August, there will be two new school – churches, one seminary, two completed libraries, and four new ones. How incredible is that?!  I am so thankful for the donors and volunteers that make it all possible.  Amazing people they are!  As always – all the glory belongs to God.

I will try to stay in touch and plan on returning August 15.

May our God keep us until we meet again.


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