Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Trudy in Masai Land: Miracle at Mosiro

Libraries of Love Director Trudy Marshall is on a private trip to Kenya to oversee construction of three buildings funded by Pflugerville Community Church. Two will be schools that double as churches. The third building will be used as a seminary to train local pastors. She asked me to post the following update because many of you have expressed interest in this side mission. She sent the update on Feb. 7 but asked me to wait to post it until she could send pictures – a challenge because of poor Internet connectivity.
She will travel to Uganda on March 1 to work with Libraries of Love’s 24 existing libraries and four new ones that will be created in June.
Eddie Roach
Media Director, Libraries of Love
Pastor Peter, a teacher, and a parent that wanted in the picture join the children of Mosiro watching construction of their new school - and the visiting mzungu (white person).
By Trudy Marshall
Feb. 7, 2013

To leave Ewuaso town where I am staying, it takes about an hour to drive out of Masai land to a main
road. There aren't words to describe the “roads.” Think the worst - and you will be correct. I will just
refer to them as non-roads.

To get to Mosiro, we left Ewuaso and drove to the main road. After thirty minutes on the main road, we
turned back into the bush. One hour and 45 minutes later, traveling into one of the remotest parts of the
bush, we came to the Mosiro area. There are 500 people who live here, though it is hard to tell. Their
dung homes are hidden throughout the bush. There isn't a town, just a small market back toward the
main road. There is no water anywhere near. The people take donkey carts far away, and bring back
water in barrels.
The people of Mosiro have never had a building for a school or church. They have always met under a tree. Flies are so thick, many of the children have faces half covered with flies. They don't bother to swat them away. The flies would just return.
Two Masai women - one said to be 100 and the
other in her 90s - wanted their picture taken.
Children at Mosiro.

The men of Mosiro have always said that church was for women and children. Now - the rest of the story.
Pastor Peter and I stayed at another pastor's home high on a hill a distance from Mosiro, so he could order material from a nearby town. Materials can't be ordered and just sent to Mosiro. The drivers would never find it, as at times you drive over land instead of a path or road. Peter was gone one night until 2 in the morning delivering materials - the next night until late again. I didn't go with him to order materials, as the price would go up if they saw the mzungu (white skin). Peter has earned my highest respect on this trip. He is organized and dedicated to his people and the work here.

After two days of construction, I went back to Mosiro with Peter. I was in awe as I saw the frame almost complete. To build, Masai put up the frame first; next, comes the metal siding; pouring the cement for the flooring is third; and last, the doors, windows, and latrines. At the back of the structure, is a small room with tin sides big enough for a bed. This will be the teacher's room.

The parents and kids were watching as the structure went up. The men who said church was for women and children came and told Peter - in their words, "The building is a miracle. We will come to church.”
I can hardly write the words without tears. When I think of the children going in the building for
school - leaving the flies outside, and people worshiping in that same building, it is overwhelming.

Today we will have a chalkboard delivered.

If we have enough funding left, we want to put a contained water tank at Mosiro to collect rainwater.
That would be a huge blessing, as people here drink rainwater.

That is Mosiro - miracle #1. Peter and I will go back next week to take pictures of the students in
school, and hopefully be there for a service. May God bless the congregation of Pflugerville
Community Church for their compassionate hearts in supplying funding.

Phoebe, a 10 year old, is my teacher.
At Pastor Jane's home, one of her granddaughters, Phoebe, decided to be my companion - even overnight. She taught me many things. I asked her why the shepherds were in the sheep pen (right in front of the house) late at night. Phoebe replied, "The shepherds have the sheep come through the gate one at a time, so they can count them. If even one sheep is lost, they will go into the dark to find the sheep. (Do I hear an Amen?)
Then they put the small sheep in a front pen. Next is milking time." I asked Phoebe if they drink sheep milk. She said no - they use it to make tea.

There you have it! Now I have had many, many cups of sheep milk tea!

On the way back from Mosiro, Peter, our driver, Jack, and an elder in the church stopped at a small butcher shop. The shop had skinned animals hanging in the front window from big hooks. We went in the dark little room with one long table. Peter ordered. They brought meat to the table and started chopping it into small pieces - goat meat, and goat intestines. The intestines were circular and sounded crunchy when they
chopped them. They put all the meat on one plate - and the four of us dug in with our hands. OK - I ate almost as much as the guys.

Do I highly recommend goat intestines? No, but it was worth it … stories for my grandkids!

In closing, would I trade places with you so I could have hot showers, sit-down toilets, food I am used
to? Not for a minute. I know I am where God has placed me at this time. Life is difficult - especially
travel here, but what an amazing journey. Today materials are being ordered. Building #2 will begin
here in Ewuaso tomorrow.

Another miracle. I am blessed to be here. Thank you for listening.

The building in Mosiro after two days work. It is now finished. The little room at the back will be for the teacher, with a bed.


Iris Horne said...

I am overwhelmed with joy and love at what amazing miracles of love God is performing through Libraries of Love. God bless and keep you my sweet sister-in-Christ, Trudy. Love Iris Horne

K2c Okie said...

I can only imagine the experiences you are having Trudy! Enjoyed reading of what has been accomplished allready in such a short time. May God continue to bless you and all your endeavors there. The people there are blessed to have you there.
.. your friend... Allen Arthurs

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