Tuesday, March 12, 2013

2013 books begin journey to Uganda

By Trudy Marshall
Executive Director

Volunteer Director Scott Porter with one of the pallets of boxes, decorated with pictures
of volunteers.
Can you imagine? 23,000 books in 440 boxes are in a container floating over the ocean headed for Uganda!
Over 17,000 of those books have spine labels that were typed by volunteers, while other volunteers did typing for the cards and pockets.

One by one – 17,000 plus books needing preparation … a monumental task, an incredible amount of work.

What can one say except may God bless our dedicated volunteers who work weekly to make this a happening. Many thanks also to Dell groups who have come consistently for many years to prepare books.
I will be happy to receive the container here in Uganda in approximately two months! Thank you to Scott Porter, volunteers director, for tackling the shipping process this year! Fantastic job!

Now, it's time to start preparation for 2014.

Great to be busy, busy in Uganda


Love that Namirembe Primary, which houses our first library, painted great reading pictures and signs on the outside of the main building, like this “Readers are Leaders” illustration. The library is in this building.
I am extremely busy here in Uganda. At present, I am meeting with the staff and administration of our 15 Kampala area schools to share the story of Libraries of Love, and visit with them about the organization of their libraries, and how to use them to their fullest potential.

I also spend days in our libraries, observing, helping with classes, and offering suggestions. 

Busy, yes, but extremely rewarding as I spend time with children who have come to love reading.

Color: Daisy   Sizes: S, M, L, XL   Ladies Cut: S, M, L, XL

On a different note: We had a graphic designer prepare the Libraries
of Love t-shirts this year. They are extra nice. They are for sale until
April 1 for $10. To order one, please contact board member Sara
Solomon at solozone@att.net with the number and sizes you'd like,
along with your shipping address. She will provide payment details.
You can be our walking billboard for Libraries of Love.
Great idea, don't you think!

Pastor Peter in front of the new school/church building in Mosiro.

A quick follow-up to my mission in Masai land for Pflugerville Community Church

On Sunday, March 10, the following took place:

  • In Mosiro where there has never been a building, people met in their new church. School started in this building the next day.
  • In Olorropil, the people met for 7 years on top of a hill, under a tree. The congregation met under the tree on Sunday, sang worship songs, and then marched down the steep hill into the doors of their new church. School also began in this building the next day.
  • In Ewuaso, in the new all-purpose building, a stream of children entered the doors and experienced a first - children's church.
  • Next week, a water holding tank will be placed in Mosiro.

Totally inspiring – only God could orchestrate all of this, definitely.