Tuesday, June 18, 2013

June 12, 2013 - Update: 440 boxes of books unloaded in Uganda

By Trudy Marshall
Executive Director

A happy site as the truck rolls in to the school yard

May 27, 2013 - After 10 months of collecting books, weeding to only send those new or like new,  checking to see if each book is appropriate, typing spine labels, and typing information needed to place on pockets and cards for borrowing, the books were sent. After 2 ½ months on a ship, and a week traveling overland through Kenya, the container finally chugged through the gates of Mengo Secondary for unloading. The 24,000 books / 440 boxes have now been distributed to four new schools, which will receive libraries. Included were 9,000 books to add to existing libraries - Mengo SS and Bugonda Road Primary.

High school boys from Mengo Secondary help unload
boxes of books destined to 2013 project schools.

First of two volunteer teams arrives on June 17

Next Monday (June 17), our first Libraries of Love 2013 team will arrive. There are four new libraries to
create and two large ones to finish. Lots of work … but oh, what a good time we will have watching the kids
watching us, as they see thousands of books being put on shelves! Do I hear a cheer for the Dewey system? New libraries; happy faces!

Students enjoy story time recently in the
Namatala Primary Library of Love.

Texas third-grader's note encourages Ugandan students

Elementary school principal found this letter in her mail box:
Dear Namitali Primary School,
I hope you liked our books that we gave you. We wanted you guys to make sure you could read like we could. Now you do know how to read. I was in the same problem. I had to miss pre-school because of cancer. It took me three years until the doctor made sure it would not come again. He was right! It never came again, but I had to catch up on school and sports. So, I did but it was really hard because I did not
know how to read until first grade. I caught up in second grade. It felt so good to read and write and have good grades. Maybe you will be able to read, have good grades, and have a good day. That is my story.
3rd grade

29 librarians from 7 cities meet and share

It was an extraordinary two days (May 29 and 30) – 29 librarians from 7 cities meeting to discuss libraries, perform skits (good librarian / bad librarian), singing, laughing, sharing, problem solving, and proposing wonderful new ways to encourage reading. The meeting was a huge success. The librarians have become a “family.”

Notes from librarians about their libraries and students:

“I introduced a readers club towards the end of term one and it’s this term that we are to take it ahead and for the last-term on our two assemblies, I organized two pupils who came forward before other pupils and told them what book they read about and the lessons they learned from it.” Vincent / Mary Kevins Primary
“I invited a doctor, lecturer, and social worker to read and encourage my children to read books and take education as a priority, using the theme: No Reading No Success.” Favour – Librarian / Luwanda Children’s Home
“In my school, things had not begun very well – teaching pupils about the LOL services seemed to be very hard for them. Some pupils even dodged lessons claiming to be sick. Some could borrow books but to return them back was very hard for them. Then God answered my prayers. I got two pupils very friendly to me. One is in P3 and the other one in P5. They became very close to me. We meet every day. They hated reading books at first, but as I talk now, they really love reading. They read to me stories and write to me interesting letters. Oh! I feel very good for my two friends. One is called Peace and the other is Kizito. They always tell me that I stay a person full of love because their reading culture has really improved and hence
scoring good marks in class.:” Now I will reach more students. Esther – Librarian / Bugonda Road Primary
“In the Mengo SS Library of Love we have a readers club that has helped promote a reading culture in this society. We have reading sessions twice a week and this year we had our first reading competition. Teachers and students attended sharing their passion for books and we became one big family of book lovers. There are young people who have significantly grown at the skill of reading. Some came when they were only interested in reference / nonfictiion books and now they are interested in fiction, as well.” Timothy – Mengo SS

Why we do what we do – changing lives one book at a time.


Ian is a boy who did not want to come to the library. His performance was very bad, even his teacher could complain about his character. His people at home used to come to school to ask why their boy was performing badly. I talked to Ian and advised him to get interest in the library. He started coming. Now he can read and performed well in the last term examination. My headteacher has interest in the library books, also.” Bridget – Martin Nkoyoyo Primary
“In the past the teachers never had the morally and the attitude toward borrowing books and usage of the library. But now their interest is very high whereby they borrow books on a daily basis. Teacher Nsubua always borrow the social studies book and uses which has helped other teacher to gain interest. Even the headteacher also borrow the books for reading.” Sophie – Kusubi Primary
“Performance in P7 last year (national exam year) in was excellent because of the library. Victoria didn’t know how to read, but now she is in a position to read by herself.” Ruth – Uganda Martyrs Primary
“We have the reading competition among the classes from P4-P6. As pupils come into the library, some read to their friends so they get interested in reading. Some 5 pupils in P5 didn’t even know how to read a sentence, bus as I identified them and started giving them easy books, for now they can do beginning reading.” Prisca – Joyce Primary
I have a group of students, Assumption and friends, who read and act out some of their story books for others. Assumption is an active reader of the LOL books. He and his group of friends have inspired me. I love my work because of students like these.” Samuel – Mbale SS
“Ahmed is a girl who joined us last term 2013. She is a Kenyan who found it hard to read, but since she took my advise especially to read different simple or easy books that I identified for her, she ended up loving reading and borrows often. Her smile makes me want to do even more for other pupils.” Samuel – Namakwekwe Primary