Saturday, July 10, 2010

Baboon Comes to Visit

Hello everyone! I hope all is well in the States.

Unusual Happening: We have been at Murchison Falls Park the last couple days. Yesterday morning, Sarah Okumu, Debbie Rhoades, and I were sitting in our small banda (cabin) with the door open. Sarah said, with a surprised tone of voice, "Look at HIM!" I looked in the doorway; there stood a baboon that was at least as tall as my shoulders. As I looked at him, our eyes met. It was weird ... more like looking into a person's eyes. He cocked his head around to look at all of us, then backed out and took off through the brush. Oh my! Now I have been in a van chased by an elephant; rode in a boat that landed on top of a hippo's back; and had a baboon come to visit! Fantastic!

Murchison Park is always breath-taking. The 3-hour ride down the Nile River to the bottom of the Falls is well worth the trip. On the boat trip, we got close to about 20 elephants that had come for drinks (lots of babies), plus ran across a huge group of crocs and many hippos. Later on the safari, the team saw giraffe, lions, African Cape Buffalo, etc. They also saw a huge python that had just swallowed a small deer.

Last Sunday, as I was leaving Pearl Haven Church and walking down the road, two young girls stopped me to say thank you for their school library (Wambwa Primary). Ahhhhhhhh! I send the thanks back to all of you ...

The pastor who gave us a ride to Kampala has four children: Peace, Patience, Prince and Princess. Prince rode with us to Kampala; he is adorable. When the pastor ask Prince if he needed to go to the bathroom, he asked him if he needed to 'rain out.' If you do need to stop for the restroom, you say you need to stop for a 'short call.'

Sarah Okumu has been with us the last few days. We have had some wonderful devotions in the evenings. She left this morning for Mbale.

Enough for now. I will enjoy the last few days with this wonderful team of ladies before they leave on Tuesday. After Tuesday, I will be working long hours every day at our 19 schools making sure everything is in order before I leave. I do still have classes and staff to meet with at two of our new schools for training.

May God bless you there - as He is blessing us here!


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