Friday, July 16, 2010

Bombings in Kampala

July 12, 2010

Uganda bombings kill 64 as World Cup fans targeted

(Reuters) - Suspected Somali Islamists carried out two bomb attacks in the Ugandan capital that killed at least 64 people as they watched the World Cup final Sunday evening at a restaurant and a sports club, authorities said on Monday.


Please be assured that we are fine. Today, I will have the team stay at the hotel instead of moving between schools. There are two guards at the security gate of the hotel, so it is a safe place to be. Things seem to be quiet in Kampala this morning, however.

I have been in touch with Herb and Ellen Cook. Herb has lived in Africa his entire life. His parents were missionaries in the Congo when he was young, and he and Ellen have been in Uganda for many years. He believes the violence is over. He believes the last night of the World Cup was a good time to make a statement by the Somalian terrorists. I have also been in touch with the Okumus. Everyone is checking the news, including our many headmasters. They will keep us informed of any happenings.

That said - please keep the families of those killed and injured in your prayers. There were many young people gathered to watch the game.

Also, please keep the Libraries of Love team in your prayers, as they leave for the airport at 6:00 Tuesday morning. I will let you know if there are any schedule changes.


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