Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A Day of Miracles ...

I am in London for the night and arrive back in Texas tomorrow.

Yesterday was my "miracle" day. :)

Monday morning I spent two hours in our school library in Mukono - Martin Nkoyoyo Primary. I left at 11:00. I needed to make it to an appointment with the Secondary Commissioner of Education (1:00); next - Mercy's lawyer, then get money to pay the carpenter for the shelves at King's College to Patrick Bakka (headmaster) and try to get it to him; and last, travel with Br. Charles to the Catholic brothers workshop to see an example of the 126 book cabinets we need.

We hit major traffic jams in Kampala - unbelievable jams!

Miracle 1: At 10 minutes before 1:00, we pulled up in front of the Ministry of Education building. There was a long, long line out the front door, as one has to sign in and let them check your handbags, etc. I knew I would be late! Then I hear someone say - "Trudy?" I responded and it was a lady I had met in the Primary Commissioners office. She told me to come with her. We walked past the entire line straight in the door and then past the line of about 20 people who were waiting to talk to the Commissioner - directly into his office! Normally I wouldn't cut - but this was a necessity. Really - a miracle!

I was able to tell Commissioner Agaba that Sarah Okumu would be there on Wednesday for an appointment about her job - so that was an added bonus.

Miracle 2: After I finished at the Commissioners, I "footed" it to the lawyer's office to talk about Mercy. I then caught a taxi to the outskirts of Kampala to a petro station, where I was to meet Br. Charles. While I was standing right outside an ATM, again I hear my name called. There stood Patrick Bakka's wife, Molly! I was able to get the money out of the ATM and send it to Patrick! I know - another miracle.

Miracle 3: We have had the most difficult time getting book cabinets made for our classrooms. One cabinet can take months. Br. Charles "picked" me at the petro station and we were off to the workshop, which is near Entebbe. It is huge place containing different rooms, where various woodworking activities were happening. The "example" cabinet was perfect. Br. Paul says they can produce 126 cabinets in one month's time. That is a miracle, believe me! He also took care of some shelving we needed done at another school. What a blessing!

I even managed to stop by my "robbers" to tell them goodbye and give them a couple Bibles. Ahhhhhhh!

At 11:30 pm, Derrick called. He said he had thought all day about why - with so many on the bus last year, that he was able to sit by me. He said he knew it was God. He went on to tell me how much he loved Jesus - and me.:) Then asked me to pray for him, his brother, and mother over the phone. So I prayed, while they listened together. What can I say - it is amazing the people God places in our lives.

At the end of the day, I felt like I had received a pat on the back from Heaven - saying work completed.



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