Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Uganda: Some happy kids!

Wow! What a week! Hundreds of students absolutely delighted, laughing at stories, totally overwhelmed, as they looked at the thousands of books for their use. It has been hard as I watch their faces, not to be in tears. What you, as our supporters, have supplied is a miracle in their lives. In their imagination, they could never have dreamed of a time when they would have books. Even better, they get to take their books home to share with their families! To them that is unbelievable – a dream, for sure!

I thought I would share with you some comments on papers from students, when we were at our previous libraries last week.
-The most important reason why I like reading is because I want to become an authoress in the future.
- When I am bored at home, now I can read books. When I am lonely, I read books – and that is why reading is now important in my life.
- The Libraries of Love has made a wonderful library in our school. It has done a good job for me. I read books from this library to make summaries and tell others good stories.
- I read books and learn how to pronounce words, and the books give me wisdom.
- Reading from the library has helped me improve on my marks (grades).
- When I read, I become happy.
- When I read, I realize on my own hidden talent.
- I am now able to tell my siblings interesting stories.
- I have loved sharing our maps and globes donated by Herff-Jones. I have shown the students how Texas is so big, two Ugandas would fit inside easily. I, also, shared on the wall map, the route their books took to arrive in Uganda. They can hardly leave the library for staring at the books on display, the maps, and globes.

Tomorrow I will working in our third new library. Friday, I will be traveling between our ten libraries here in Mbale - just to drop in, check things, and say hello. I will return later for more extended visits.

I hear our team has arrived at home. They were a great group. Our friends here will miss them, as I do.

Thank you for your prayers and interest. Every day reinforces what I realize each year: The libraries/reading are worth every bit of time and effort, as they are making a huge impact.

My love and best wishes sent to you once again.