Monday, June 13, 2011

Inspirational Welcome in Uganda

Friends and Family,

Everything has gone smoothly. It was drizzling in London, so volunteers took the red bus tour - but stayed on the bus and just looked at the sights through the windows.

We arrived and had a wonderful time at the African Children's Choir school. Their singing was totally inspirational. The kids harmonized and added notes to the song "I Surrender All.' The team was in tears, and it will always be a song we will listen to differently. The team was quite impressed with their school. It is first class, well organized, good materials used in building, nice kitchen, etc.

Lisa said the thing that impressed her most was a man carrying a refrigerator on the back of his bicycle, holding on to it with one hand. :)

Everyone's luggage arrived, though Ellen's zipper on her suitcase had been torn, and the contents were in a plastic bag.

We did see Melissa and Mercy today. Melissa is my nephew's wife. They are pastors in Kansas and have been in the adoption process for many more months than any adoption should take. Mercy is adorable, and Melissa looks fantastic!! It was so good to see them.

Sunday should be an exciting day. I told Wilber a few year's ago that I wanted to be baptized in Uganda, since it was here that my life was truly changed and I answered God's call. He informed me he has a baptism planned for Sunday. However, he might put rocks on me to hold me under water. That is Wilber - and why I love the guy! He is so blasted funny! So who knows - maybe I will really be baptized here on Sunday with about 30 other people!

I took our other Mercy , Wilber and Sara's daughter, shopping tonight after the team had dinner. We shoved our way through the local markets in the dark to find a hair dryer for the team. Ellen tried her dryer and even with the 'thing' to step down the electricity - it fried. I love going through the market at night, so it was a pleasure to go shopping with Mercy!

OK, I must go! We have to get up early and put our first library together tomorrow! Yahoo!

For our volunteers' contacts - your family member(s) are having a great time, quite safe, and had a fantastic meal tonight of rice, spaghetti, a curry stew with lots of vegetables, chicken, chapatti (like a tortilla) and watermelon ... so all is well! Thank you for sharing them with us.

Love to my family!

- Trudy

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rubenortega said...

I am reminded of when I was there in 2005 and saw a man carrying and balancing a king size wooden bed frame on his bicycle. Seriously!!!