Thursday, June 16, 2011

Update from Uganda

This team has been fun! Even while working, there is constant laughter.

At our school yesterday, after finishing the library, I looked across the school grounds and almost every volunteer was interacting with a group of students. They were leading everything from “Duck, Duck, Goose,” to “Simon Says,” but many were sitting reading books to a group of children.

We were fortunate to watch a group of young students having PE time at Nabuyonga Primary. They were lined up in the dirt in two long rows, with boys on one side and girls on the other. The teacher handed a stick to the boy and girl on the ends, and while everyone cheered, those students took off like lightning, circling around both groups and passing the stick to the next kid in line. Debbie joined in - but, hey, nothing compares to the speed of these little kids; they run like the wind!

In Uganda, the poorest people ride in open bed trucks, standing up, and holding on to bars across the top. You can't believe how many they can pack into the bed. Yesterday, I told my team, I thought it would be an adventure - so I had ordered a truck for transport. They thought I was joking! The truck arrived and in we climbed. The Ugandans along the streets were in shock. They started cheering and waving! The team absolutely loved the ride. So, we did it again today. This time I played the accordion as we went through the crowded markets and busiest streets. It was like being in a parade! Everyone went wild laughing at the mzungus (white people) in the truck! Total fun!

Scott decided this year, we should try 'modular' bookcases, so the timber was already cut into the sizes needed for the sides, shelves, and top of the bookcases, and the planks just needed to be screwed together. In previous years, they have measured the room and cut 14-ft. planks to fit. The new method has been amazing. We have put two total libraries together - each in about a 7-hour time period!

It has been fun to have our Ugandan friends from Wilber's church help once again. Today, Derrick is here helping, also. He is a young man I met on a bus two years ago. He thinks I am his muzungu mum. :)

The team was in tears looking at the finished libraries. The libraries would compare with any library in an American school - absolutely beautiful and organized. Taking it from an empty room to finished is simply an awesome process.

I have been filming; asking people, “What is a Library?” So far, nobody has known - including the teachers. To them, a library is a textbook facility where students go to read textbooks, as there are not enough books for everyone to have their own book in the classrooms.

So - all is well! The team is wonderful. I am happy to be 'home' once again, in my other home. You have to love riding those boda motorcycle taxis! Makes my day ...

Better go. Thank you for reading our adventures! Tomorrow will be an exciting day, as we will have the grand opening of the libraries!

Thank you for your prayers - and for following this amazing journey, once again!

- Trudy

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Jeanie said...

These updates from your blog and Scott's blog are priceless.
Patti is my SIL, and these updates gives me a taste of the blessings that you are all receiving. I can feel the joy coming through the tales you tell!
Prayers to you all as you continue this amazing journey.
May God hold you all safe in His amazing arms!