Thursday, July 07, 2011

A few laughs from Uganda

Wilber and Sarah's neighbor kids that come yelling for me to give me hugs everytime I am returning home or going out. They are the ones that help me over the wall sometimes. :)

All Things Ugandan!

It is easier to stomp your clothes in the rubber tub than to scrub them squatting.

If you wear skirts all week - riding sideways on boda motorcycle taxis is sometimes tricky, especially if you have bags! I am getting good at it, however. Friday - I am pretending it is America … blue jean day!

Power outages daily are really not bad. There is something peaceful about a night with no electronics, using flashlights (called torches) or lanterns. I highly recommend it! However, I do not recommend those during the day!

If my timing is wrong, and nobody is home yet - I can crawl over the high wall, even in a skirt. I get my friend, the neighbor boy to get a white plastic chair. I step into it, and sprawl up on the wall. Then Ryan hands me the chair. I put it over the wall and climb down. The neighbor kids just scale the wall without the chair - of course!

The first books to leave the library are always from the religious section (Dewey 200s) - especially the children’s Bibles.

Two runner-ups are Disney books and children’s dictionaries. They also love animal books.

When you go to the bathroom, you are taking either a short call or a long call.

A high school student stopped me today to ask if when babies are born in America, do they really hook them to a machine that tells what their profession will be.

America could save enough to pay off their national debt if toilet paper wasn’t provided every place people go! Think how much your work could save if everyone brought their own! Really! My last check every day - do I have hand sanitizer and toilet paper.

Lots of laughter:

  • Sarah Okumu asked me if I have ever spent the night with a stranger. What she meant was a young lady will be here tomorrow evening. Is it okay if she sleeps in the other twin bed in my room. :)

  • Mercy thinking she can teach me rhythm if I just follow her steps and body movements - not happening in this life ... maybe in Heaven :)

  • Billy Paul said he grew up thinking baby incubators at hospitals were machines that installed knowledge. They don’t have such things here.

Isn’t life wonderful?! Thank you for reading ...


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