Sunday, July 10, 2011

Library #24 is a happening - and a grand one at that!

An incredible day:

July 5, 2011 - Our team arrived early at Bombo Road military base to create the high school library. It was interesting just getting through the two gates, as military men looked through the car.

We quickly went to work in the library room. It was hot and we were sweating! At 2:30, the headmistress announced we were having a grand opening. Surprise! Believe me - we were dirty, smelly, and not finished with the library. We made a mad dash trying to at least clean up the library, throw some books up for display, etc.

We then walked out the door feeling totally a mess. Greeting us was my friend (whom I met through the Okumus), Brig. General Charles Angina, and other military brass. We walked with them to a big hall where approx. 1,200 students were waiting! This grand opening was different from any we have had. An acrobatic group performed. They stood on each others backs, with the top person’s head almost touching the extra high ceiling. Their performance was simply incredible. They also had several dances, plus different military men spoke. The key speaker was Charles. He gave a long speech telling the students they need to remember 3 things to be successful in live (GOD): G -God must come first; O for obedience starting at home; D for a disciplined life. He even quoted scripture. Simply amazing speech!

Charles also has a farm where he raises cattle and pigs. When I was there, there were lots of baby pigs. I brought him a book full of baby pigs in dress up clothes, like tutus. My guess is that will be one of the most unusual presents the Brig. General has received!

We did finish the library - number 24! It is awesome!

Today we went to Bat Valley Primary, one of our schools that is six years old. We put the library back in order and did some rearranging of books. As I told my group, refreshing the older libraries is just as important as creating new ones. I would love to send you a picture of books that go home to mud homes, and have been seriously used for six years Oh my! It is definitely restocking time next year for all of our older libraries!

Better close … thank you for reading! Keep us in your prayers.


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