Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Impressive! / Sad! / Tomato Frogs - what?!

I spent the day at our library in King's College - Budo, one of the highest ranked secondary schools in Uganda. The amount of reading happening was incredible. I opened book, after book, after book - and was shocked. They have just had a library one year, and most of the check-out cards were totally covered with names on one side, and overflowing to the other, as well! Wow! I am impressed!

A class was assigned to each write a report about an amphibian. One young man wrote about tomato frogs. The teacher checked it wrong and said he made it up. There was no such frog. He then went to his library, borrowed the book he had read about tomato frogs, and took it to her!

There are many refugees from Sudan at one of our schools. Every morning, the same three boys come to the library and look at their country on the map. They said it makes them feel better to see Sudan - even on a map.

I went yesterday for a home visit. Three young ladies (2 high school - 1 primary), sponsored by LOL volunteers, live with their grandmother. The grandmother had 13 children. 12 died of AIDS. To get to their home, one must walk/straddle a flow of 'water' through a narrow, long, claustrophobic, outdoor corridor. The four live in a tiny room, barely big enough for a very small mat on the floor, and two twin beds shoved against the walls, holding thin mattresses. The grandmother is large, and in poor health. All four sleep on the two mattresses. The girls are absolutely delightful and very appreciative of the sponsorship. I don't know how they would go to school without it.

God bless LOL volunteers for their service to the libraries and their outreach to others.

- Trudy

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