Thursday, July 28, 2011

My Crazy Life!

Today, I went to one of our schools WAY off the beaten path somewhere near Entebbe. To leave the school, I caught a boda out to Entebbe Road. (I bought a cycle helmet yesterday - but, of course, it was at 'home'.) Eventually, I hopped off the boda beside the main road and caught a public transport taxi that was headed to Kampala (about 25 miles). I wasn't sure exactly where in Kampala it would stop, but figured eventually it would go to the taxi park. The ride took almost two hours because of a major - shut down - traffic jam. The van was a 14 seater - with 17 people crowded inside. I was at the back, against the door - experiencing major claustrophobia.

Finally, we made it to Kampala. I got out and looked for tall buildings to figure out where I was - feeling a bit lost in the crush of people and vehicles at the taxi park, though I don't mind being lost. Smile I decided to just start walking. I finally spotted a small mall I recognized, and called Billy. He said to head up the hill to an eating place, where we would meet for lunch. As I tried to cross the street, there were literally hundreds of people in the street singing, yelling and dancing. It seems the King of the Buganda tribe was making an appearance, so a stage had been erected. Some men tried to sell me a badge for the honor of standing in the huge crowd. I declined - and started pushing my way back through the throngs in the direction I had come. Eventually, after much, much walking - I made it, and enjoyed a great lunch. Later, I met with Damallie, our head librarian at her school.

Finally, I had to catch a boda to get out of crazy Kampala traffic and back to the hotel, all the while praying ... OK, God - I KNOW I shouldn't be on this boda. I KNOW I should at least have my helmet on - so I will just trust you once again to get me home safely - and He did. He is good - all the time, though I must test His patience, AND overwork my guardian angels at times.

Last note: Prices here have skyrocketed in the last couple months. A kilo of sugar that was fifty cents is now $2.50. A bag of flour cost 4 times as much as it did. Gasoline that was already $7.20 a gallon has risen. There is a lot of unrest - different groups striking each day. The teachers had a sit-down today. They sat in their classes - but didn't have the students do any work, despite time for final exams. Schools aren't able to feed students as food prices are so high. The government funding has run out before the end of school. Some schools closed early - others didn't provide food. How common people pay for food, I'm not sure. I have heard many families are living on one meal a day. Please pray for this beautiful country and the many who are hurting.

Have a great weekend. I am planning on some adventure - of course. Smile

- Trudy

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