Thursday, June 19, 2008

Off to Murchison Falls

Friends and Family,I forgot to mention that on Monday of this week, we spent time at Namatala Primary in Mbale with all 3,400 students, and then traveled to Kampala, where we have been staying.

I did want to mention one happening in Mbale. I got up one morning and there was Melissa Busby (married to my nephew, Cody, who pastors First Baptist - Mulvane, Kansas) discussing with Scott and Dave that she would like to take a boda-boda motorcycle taxi to town. I told her I would prefer she didn’t, but she really wanted to. I then volunteered to go with her... . so we were off. Melissa was at the front of the boda line, with Dave, me, and then Scott trailing behind her. I prayed the whole way, as I knew Cody was going to hold me responsible if something, if anything, happened to Melissa. Dave took his cycle up beside her and filmed, perhaps so he could blackmail her later. We came up behind a huge truck and I was yelling to Melissa's driver not to go around. I found out later she was telling him it was okay - to just go! So, Cody, you have a crazy wife or perhaps your aunt has rubbed off on her!

Yesterday, we spent time at Namungoona Primary. It was great as there are only 368 students. It gave us more personal time with small groups and in classrooms. We did sing and share with the entire student body; they then entertained us with singing and dancing. It was a good morning.

Next, we did the “shop until you drop” thing for the afternoon! I think their suitcases are more loaded than when they came - if that is possible!

Yesterday evening, we borrowed the conference room and had a team meeting. We were thrilled that Herb and Ellen Cook were able to join us. Herb and Ellen are missionaries who host teams here in Uganda. Herb has lived in Africa his entire life, as his parents were missionaries to the Congo. He and Ellen have been here for almost 40 years. They rescued me when I was truly dying from malaria on my first trip. I really can't tell the story of the night Herb came to pick me up, without crying - as the team saw once again last night. :) Jaffer, our Ugandan carpenter/teacher friend of the last four years also joined us. It was a beautiful time as we had devotion and visited.

This morning, we are off to Murchison Falls, which is about a seven hour ride. It is always a great ending to the two weeks of working to build libraries and interacting with thousands of children. We will float down the Nile River while we watch the animals on the bank, do a chimp trek through the forest and take a couple game drives. In the evenings, we will have time to meet and visit about our trip.

I hope all is well in your world. We are fine and having a great time. Please keep us in your prayers the next few days, as we travel.



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