Saturday, June 14, 2008

Great day in Uganda!

I know. This is unusual. Usually I go days without writing and then send a novel. I am trying to do better.

In case I didn't mention it, our baggage arrived two days after we arrived, and was delivered to our hotel by an airport taxi. One of the airlines paid the driver's fee. God probably felt he had no choice but to get it to us, as we were all bombarding heaven constantly begging for clean clothes and supplies. Thank goodness He is in control when we aren't!

I forgot to mention that we did have a huge feast at the grand opening of North Road though it had been whited-out on the program. After the food, they brought out an enormous platter of fruit for out team. We were stuffed so took a small amount. I then took the platter of fruit to the speakers who were all still eating on the stage. I knelt on one knee to serve them. They found it hilarious that the muzungu was on her knee serving.

During my first stay in Kampala, the girls and women in the home in which I stayed always knelt before the husband / father when they first arrived home. I did that, also, and still do when I visit their home each year. The family always calls me Namibu, my African name. At North Road Primary, most of the young girls dropped to one knee to receive the gifts given out by the team at the school. Now, if I could just get my American students to drop to one knee. :)

Today we went to Sisiyi Falls. I would like for everyone to think we are starving in the slums of Africa, but this place is a lush, tropical paradise that would remind one of pictures of Hawaii. A beautiful waterfall cascades 309 feet off the mountain. The scenery is breathtaking. Dr. Patrick and Helen Mutono had chairs set in a circle under the trees. They had arranged a dinner of pork, chicken, beef, potato salad, fresh vegetable salad, boiled potatoes, with a dessert of fruit salad. It was exactly what we needed: a relaxing, fun day. It gave us time to prepare for the children and youth services that we will lead tomorrow at Wilber and Sarah's church. I would like to send our thanks to my friend in Austin, Lynne Dobson, who not only urged me to take the team to Seseye Falls, but paid for our dinner as well! Bless you, Lynne!

Backtracking a bit. This morning I got up early and took a boda-boda to town. I went to my favorite restaurant and brought a couple menus back to the team. This restaurant serves Chinese, Italian, Indian, Ugandan, and American food. Three of the team has ordered Indian food for this evening; the rest went for cheeseburgers and fries. Scott laughed and said it was going to look funny when we all went home weighing more than when we arrived. I just add that when we were creating the libraries, food was a bit scarce. There were days we resorted to the snacks we had brought.

Tomorrow will be another great day as we worship at Wilber and Sarah's church. Their music and his preaching is enough to start your heart pumping ... and your toes tapping! What a treat. If we could bottle it and send it home, we would be rich!

Love and best wishes from my home away from home,


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