Thursday, June 12, 2008

Thanks for the books to Mbale Secondary School

The following was addressed to the Libraries of Love board of directors from Geofrey Chelibe, headmaster of Mbale Secondary School:

Dear Friends,
I am Geofrey from Mbale Secondary School. I would like to appreciate you for your love, time and availing yourself to volunteer in the Libraries of Love. I got a chance to read through the books as they were putting them in the bookshelves. I read through the books and they were so good, and our students and staff will be happy to read them.

Secondly, I noticed that all the team had a good team spirit, and it was amazing that the men put up a bookshelf in just a few minutes, which is unbelievable. The ladies worked so hard and had the books put in order and onto the bookshelves as quickly as possible. That was great. Thank you, ladies. All I can say is thanks so much for the books and the love for us in Mbale Secondary School. We do appreciate.

Thanks to the pastor (Rev. Wilberforce Okumu) and family for coordinating your team.

God bless.


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