Saturday, June 14, 2008

Grand Opening

Good morning, or afternoon, it may be at your home.

We had the grand opening of the North Road Laurel Library yesterday. However, there was a bit of a revolt. North Road management planned the program without consulting Mbale Secondary administration, so the Mbale headmaster came and pleaded with me to let them have their own “grand opening” on Monday morning, which is fine.

We had at least 10 speakers at the grand opening. They were running on Uganda time - over an hour late starting. The many officials were to have short time-frames for speaking, but they were rather long. I was on the stage with the speakers, including Wilber and Sarah. What I wouldn't have given for a video camera. The room was warm and my poor overworked team was tired. I spent the whole time grinning as they all tried ever so hard to keep their eyes open. So funny!

Usually the grand openings have lots of singing by different groups, skits, etc. We did have one fabulous group of children do a chant, with lots of motion, about Libraries of Love and how they would use the library. It was outstanding. After the speakers, they had several beautiful cakes. One was for the Libraries of Love team, one for Wilber and Sarah, guest speakers, etc. The cakes were beautiful and there was plenty for everyone to have a bite. We appreciated their efforts.

We then went to play soccer. The field was lined with hundreds of secondary students. I must say, our team was really good. They were all over that field. I was impressed! We tied! Surprise! Surprise! It was lots of fun though we have a few sore legs today.

More later... . It has been a great trip.


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